Ecommerceexplorer Blog content provides practical business knowledge and actionable advice on how to build e-commerce websites, and improve and grow them during the whole e-commerce journey. Guest posts are an excellent way to reach our audience and teach e-commerce entrepreneurs how to better their processes.

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  • Connect with global audiences in our industry (including our partners, customers, and social followers).
  • Let your own tips and advice be widely spread out.
  • Ecommerceexplorer’s readers — an international crowd of small to medium e-commerce business owners, managers, digital marketers, and consultants.
  • E-commerce entrepreneurs looking for insights and best practices on building, managing and optimizing their e-commerce businesses.




Our blog mainly focuses on topics related to e-commerce including advice on how to choose your niche and business model, how to manage the technical side of e-commerce, optimize conversion, improve operational processes, and other topics that our audience is interested in.


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  1. Submit your blog post

  • You need to meet the following guest writing requirements.
    • Submit your post via Google Documents.
    • Length: Aim for a 1,000-2,000 words post.
    • Your post should be well-written original content free of grammatical errors.
    • The article should reflect the Whidegroup-style of writing. Be informative and helpful.
    • We allow 1 do-follow link to your company website or blog in the author’s bio and 1 contextual non-promotional no-follow link in the article’s body.
    • You can use your company name as an example in sharing experiences but only if it brings value and context to the reader.
    • We appreciate it if you use keywords targeting the main points of your article.
    • Do not write posts that sound promotional in any way.
    • We encourage you to use relevant links from other websites to illustrate your point. Please make sure that everything that you claim is backed by facts and data.
    • Always cite any images, quotes, and other third-party content that you use.
    • Use screenshots, images, and videos to make it more interesting for the reader. Please, send them as attachments.
    • Avoid generic images if they don’t add any value to your content.
    • We reserve the right to edit your articles, images, and screenshots for editorial reasons including modifying grammar, spelling, and style.
    • Include a short bio (2-3 sentences) and your photo.


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