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Shopify Vs BigCommerce | Which One Is Much Better?

Introduction | Shopify Vs BigCommerce

Shopify vs BigCommerces | are each powerful eCommerce website builder and online store manager, so they’re both sensible options. That being said, there are a couple of key variations between the two platforms which will assist you in verifying that is the right alternative for you.

whereas both BigCommerce, moreover as Shopify, are awe-inspiring in their own right, there are some distinctions that create either platform higher fitted to specific situations and kinds of users.

During this post, we’re reaching out to compare Shopify vs BigCommerce, compare the two, and highlight their key difference to help create your call a bit easier.

We glance at client support, pricing, easy Use, styles associated flexibility, sales options – essentially everything that an individual who’s progressing to launch an eCommerce store would want to know.

Besides, at the tip of this article, we’ll suggest a simple and optimum tool just in case you would like to migrate from Shopify to BigCommerce or perform a BigCommerce to Shopify migration. therefore keep tuned!


BigCommerce has become one of the fastest-growing businesses within the eCommerce software system market. Their shoppers vary from begin-ups fixing new online stores to high-profile firms resembling Toyota, Bliss, DressUp,…

As for Shopify, the corporate was supported in 2006 associated powers momentarily over 1,000,000 businesses. Shopify could be a platform with all the mandatory options for a booming business. It handles each of the eCommerce and purpose of sale sides of the process. It enables you to start from scratch while not being an expert.

Before entering into the details, here is a fast outline of Shopify vs BigCommerce.

Detailed comparison

1. Client support

If you would like to get the foremost out of your eCommerce store building expertise, then you would like to appear on the far side of valuation plans. Having access to school support is crucial for any business.

You ne’er grasp what quite drawback you may run into. Ecommerce client service is.

However, online businesses give help to customers with everything from creating online purchase choices to partitioning issues, all while making a seamless customer experience across the platforms.

Hence, during this section, let’s take a glance at how BigCommerce vs. Shopify provides customer support.

whether or not you select Shopify or BigCommerce, you’ll get access to similar choices to explore once it involves supporting. Here following are the support options:

  •  24/7 phone support
  •  24/7 live chat
  •  facilitate center
  • Support forum
  • Email
  •  Video tutorials

2. Advanced Specialist Support | Shopify Vs BigCommerce

Now, let’s dive a bit deeper into Shopify vs BigCommerce Support

BigCommerce Support

Once you sign in for a free trial on BigCommerce, you’ll receive an arrangement for a 10-minute decision from this platform. By doing this, BigCommerce will perceive a lot of regarding your business, and therefore they will provide higher items of advice.

Besides, BigCommerce conjointly offers prime priority to those that enter the enterprise-level Plan. You’ll avail of onboarding consultants and phone calls from extremely skillful BigCommerce staff.

Shopify Support

BigCommerce’s facilitate center is beneficial; however less clear than Shopify’s. In Shopify, the various sections are clearly separated in detail.

Additionally, Shopify client service also offers support through social media, not like BigCommerce.

Once you request help at intervals from the Shopify editor, you’re directed to a relevant page within the Shopify information center. this can be an excellent help feature and puts Shopify before BigCommerce during this aspect.

If you’re progressing to migrate your platforms to BigCommerce or Shopify, the LitExtension team is willing to assist your platform! because the world-leading pushcart migration tool with 150,000+ booming migrations for 50,000+ worldwide clients within the last seven years,.

LitExtension – #1 pushcart Migration resolution will transfer all of your knowledge together with products, customer orders automatically, quickly, and accurately, especially with no technical skills required.

LitExtension conjointly supports migrating from CSV files, info dump, and database direct.

3. Pricing

One of all the primary queries that potential users have about BigCommerce vs. Shopify is “How a lot of do they cost?”.

Each BigCommerce and Shopify provide free trials. They even have worth plans starting from around $29 to $299. each BigCommerce and Shopify are pretty levels with one another on pricing. BigCommerce is just $0.95 costlier per month. Let’s take a look.

BigCommerce Pricing

 There are four BigCommerce pricing plans as follows:

Standard: $29,95/month

Plus: $79,95/month

Pro: $299,95/month

Enterprise: valuation varies looking on requirements

More importantly, BigCommerce pricing varies by the sales you hit every year. This platform will mechanically upgrade your subscription setup as your business grows.

Shopify Pricing

 Whereas Shopify offers five pricing plans:

Lite: $9/month

Basic Shopify: $29/month

Shopify: $79/month

Advanced Shopify: $299/month

Shopify Plus: valuation varies looking on requirements.

The distinction between each platform depends a lot on the categories of options obtainable to every Plan.

One space wherever BigCommerce will have a plus is that the dealing fees and also the unlimited workers account from the quality set up as opposition Shopify, there’ll be additional transaction fees as well as solely fifteen workers accounts even with the Advanced setup.

Although Shopify will have the abandoned cart recovery feature within the Basic Plan whereas BigCommerce would only unlock this feature in the and Plan, which might be extraordinarily advantageous for you.

 4. Ease Of Use

Easy Use is very important not only to beginners however even with veteran eCommerce entrepreneurs. so this can be a side that we’d like to take into thought once comparison BigCommerce vs. Shopify.

The tough half about being straightforward to use is that a really easy platform should be usable right from day one, and not once you invest hours of some time learning regarding it. A platform with an easy interface saves you longer and more effort. Therefore, this can be a vital key part to require into thought when selecting your online platform.

BigCommerce Easy Use

For BigCommerce, it’s less ideal for beginners thanks to its Use of assorted technical terms. you will look for a number of precise terms to grasp all the terminologies when acting basic tasks resembling adding a product. The technical load makes BigCommerce a heavier platform to deal with; however, {this is|this is often|this will be} attributable to its powerful in-built features, which brings you a finer level of customization.

Here could be a fast BigCommerce tutorial that helps you produce a web store with this platform simply and effortlessly. Let’s check it!

 Shopify Easy Use

You don’t ought to be a Shopify professional to line up a store, and anyone can easily launch an online mercantile establishment at intervals in a matter of minutes.

Overall, Shopify scores higher in terms of ease of Use than BigCommerce. Shopify is praised by most users for its onboarding method and easy editor. you’ll be able to access each possibility you would like from the left-hand main menu, and there’s a pleasant wizard instructing you to line up your store step by step.

5. Styles And Suppleness

The maximum amount as it’s bracing to possess your store work well, you furthermore might need it to appear enticing enough on the side in order that your customers would have the urge to buy. Here’s however the shop style choices seem like with BigCommerce and Shopify.

BigCommerce Themes

BigCommerce themes are sorted by industry, layout, and worth. there’s a good range of industries to decide on from, though not as several as you get with Shopify. However, BigCommerce’s free themes will look a bit outdated, which isn’t ideal if you’re watching growing your business over the long term. this may possibly need a rebrand somewhere down the line and moving to a paid theme. These place price from $150 to $300. Shopify

Shopify Themes Are Available

In a variety of industries and designs and vary in price from $100 to $180. It’s straightforward to find your good theme by looking via layout, size of store, industry, navigation style, and more.

Whether or not you’re watching the free or paid options, all of Shopify’s themes are trendy and professional. Shopify’s themes enable excellent levels of customization.

They’re straightforward to alter and appear professional. Just some of BigCommerce’s themes are mobile responsive.

Although, all of Shopify’s themes are mobile responsive and can mechanically reformat to suit the suitable screen size.

You’ll be able to conjointly edit each version to your heart’s content, so you can take care of your website

appearance nicely on all devices. Shopify even permits a mobile preview within the demo.

6. Inventory Management

BigCommerce: This platform offers you a simple, native, and powerful inventory management system to manage stock levels and perceive order trends. Keep a list not off course with seamless integration between online and offline channels.

Shopify: Shopify’s inventory space allows you to line up inventory tracking, read your inventory and change your inventory counts, moreover as view the history of inventory changes for product variants. Sales channels

BigCommerce: BigCommerce Channel Manager is on the platform and is intended to assist merchants to grow sales, whereas creating multi-channel mercantilism is easier.

There’ll be choices obtainable for you to attach your store and start selling on Facebook and Pinterest, and eBay.

 Shopify: you’ll be able to use Shopify to sell your merchandise on completely different online sales channels. By connecting every sales channel to Shopify, you can keep track of your products, orders, and customers in one place.

Shopify supports many online sales channels resembling Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Instagram, and so forth.

7. Point-Of-Sale

BigCommerce: It offers you the pliability to connect your online store with point-of-sales to systematically sell online and offline; it helps you manage your merchandise catalog from one location and synchronize inventory everywhere. several of the POS integrations provide integrated payment processes, each online and offline. though to use POS with BigCommerce, you’ll integrate hardware from third-party platforms resembling Hike, Vend, Clover.

Shopify: On the contrary, Shopify provides an application on IOS and mechanical man for a location system directly obtainable from Shopify, wherever you’ll be able to use to sell your products in person.

8. Shipping And Payments

Each BigCommerce and Shopify enable you to set up a range of shipping choices resembling free shipping rates, price-based rates, calculated shipping rates from third-party carriers.

BigCommerce: concerning BigCommerce, once it involves third-party time period shipping rates, you’ll be able to access this practicality on any of its setups, whereas with Shopify, you’ll get on the ‘Advanced Shopify’ Plan so as to try to do so.

However, if you’re primarily based within the US, Canada, or Australia with ‘Shopify Shipping’ obtainable on all plans, you’re able to get access to discounted shipping labels while not having your own account.

Shopify: On the other hand, Shopify doesn’t charge you any extra dealing fee if you employ their own ‘Shopify Payment system to method card transactions.

Shopify Payments is Shopify’s intrinsical payment processor that eliminates the requirement for a third-party payment solution.

The key issue price noting regarding Shopify Payments is that it will solely be employed in certain countries.

So, if you don’t sleep in one in all those countries, you’ll get to use an external payment entranceway supplier, and you’ll have to pay transaction fees.

9. Dropshipping

The foremost vital thing for dropshipping s is to be ready to quickly and simply supply merchandise from providers, add them to their store, and have the mercantilism and shipping method automated.

BigCommerce: BigCommerce includes a tight app marketplace with a couple of nice product sourcing apps. However, the standard of BigCommerce’s different apps varies dramatically, and none of them are as established and comprehensive as Oberlo.

Shopify: during this regard, Shopify’s partnership with Oberlo is its headline feature for drop shippers. Oberlo is the go-to supplier for an enormous choice of products at wholesale prices.

There are several similar apps obtainable on the Shopify app market that specialize in completely different niches, marketplaces, or regions, attributable to Shopify’s high curations standards, they’re most extremely rated and sensible at what they do.

Though each platform has apps that allow you are doing everything from supply merchandise to line up shipping through your suppliers, Shopify’s choice simply has the foremost consistent quality, and Oberlo is the one powerful tool that offers Shopify the whip hand for dropshipping.

10. Promoting Options | Shopify Vs BigCommerce

Promoting tools and functionalities are available in handy once it involves promoting your business. during this round, let’s move to BigCommerce vs. Shopify’s promoting options.

BigCommerce Promoting

Approaching customers through email marketing could be a tight plan of action to assist you in promoting your merchandise easily perceive this point, BigCommerce permits you to synchronize your store knowledge with leading email marketing platforms resembling MailChimp, G Suite.

Another vital marketing feature is BigCommerce providing features built to align with SEO best practices. This ensures industry-standard SEO that is made into all of the BigCommerce sites.

Moreover, as having full management over URLs, title tags, header tags, and metadata, 301 redirects in BigCommerce are automatically created whenever the name or the universal resource locator of a product or class or an internet page is changed.

For a lot of information, let’s take a glance at our BigCommerce SEO guide that gives comprehensive practices on optimizing your BigCommerce store.

Shopify promoting

Shopify email, on the opposite hand, provides you with intrinsic tools to create lasting client relationships.

Shopify provides ready-made templates for you to decide on and apply right away. you’re even ready to manage and analyze all marketing activities at intervals on your dashboard.

Shopify’s SEO supports on-page optimization by having a custom title tag and meta description configuration with a simple interface in each product and page editor.

301-redirect is straightforward to form; moreover, at intervals, Shopify and mechanically prompted if a page or product universal resource locator changes.

BigCommerce and Shopify have an intrinsical blog, a basic nonetheless very effective tool for content marketing. It helps to market your merchandise as well as build your audience, and boost store traffic.

11. Measurability

BigCommerce Measurability There are application stores obtainable for both BigCommerce and Shopify. As a BigCommerce user, you’ll have the benefit of over 900 apps from completely different classes resembling Accounting & Tax, Checkout, Payment & Security.

Here we offer an associate perceptive review of the highest half-dozen BigCommerce apps you can’t miss.

therefore check it bent on deciphering the foremost appropriate apps for your BigCommerce store.A lot of importantly, BigCommerce has all the intrinsical options your store must succeed, while not having to place confidence in third-party apps.

This makes it the most climbable eCommerce platform on the market.

Besides, BigCommerce is very favorable for large sellers or those that need to rescale their business with an Enterprise plan.

This B2B edition offers limitless prospects to build, introduce and grow because of the pliability of an open SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform.

Shopify Measurability

Shopify comes with an excessiveness of over 4000 apps that are far and away, creating it the most important app store on the market besides high-grade intrinsical features. you’ll be able to simply navigate to decide on the trending apps, new and noteworthy apps, prime new apps, and also the like.

Otherwise, you can explore the classes for a lot of shipping and delivery apps, store style tools, or promoting features.

If you’re still in confusion that the Shopify app is well-tailored for your Shopify store, however, regarding taking a glance at our greatest Shopify Apps review here?

Besides three basic setups, Shopify offers Shopify and plans for quite 10,000 of the world’s leading brands together with Rothy’s, Heinz, Allbirds,…Hence, each BigCommerce vs.

Shopify is well-designed for the measurability plan. For a lot of details, please have a look at our Shopify vs BigCommerce Enterprise comparison to examine which one is your cream of the crop.

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