How to study in Australia? studywise app will help you.

Startups are making a positive impact on people’s lives. Some want to improve the shopping experience, while others are making it easier to find a doctor. StudyWise app is also one of such startups addressing the real issues of people. It aims to help students in their study abroad journey and provide complete and authentic information on one platform.

StudyWise App- Pain Point in Solves

Studying abroad is a dream of many students. Every year thousands of students from Asian countries try to go abroad to study in the top universities of Australia, the UK, and the USA. Most of them don’t have any idea about the study process.
Unlike the Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal, you can’t your course in developed countries like Australia. If you do so, then your visa can be revoked. Similarly, there are different levels of universities and countries and your budget significantly depends on it. The fee for some courses is lesser than the fee for the other courses. Education quality and fee structure vary from instate to institute.
The majority of the students don’t have any idea about these issues and they prefer an agent to process their application. Some agents take advantage of this ignorance and enroll students in the wrong courses just to get an extra commission. The visa type and the stay in Australia or Canada also depend on the selected course. It not only affects their career paths but also makes them pay extra money for the course they could have got at a low price.
Most of the students learn about it once they reach there and get to know that it’s too late to do something. In the end, they were left with only two options: either study the course they don’t want to study or have their study visa revoked.
The mission of StudyWise app is to make study abroad information accessible for everyone. So, students don’t have to compromise over their dreams or lose their hard-earned money.

Features of StudyWise App- How Does it Work

The ultimate goal of StudyWise startup is to help students in their study abroad journey. Let’s explore the features of this app to see how it works.

  • App Centered Business Model

How many of you open your laptop to see a website? 75% of searches of Google are mobile-based. For the ease of the users, StudyWise has followed an app-centered business model so everyone can access the app quite easily and apply for admission through the app.

  • Free App Download

Regardless of the amazing features, the app is absolutely free to download. Users can download it from Google Play Store or Apple App store. You are not supposed to pay a single penny to the startup. You have to pay just the CoE to university.

  • Find Courses Based on Interest and Budget

StudyWise is an AI-based app with 1000+ courses options. Create your profile and add your qualification to check the list of courses and institutes you are eligible to apply to. The process is absolutely based on Artificial Intelligence and you don’t have to worry about human error.
Once you download the app, the next step is to add your qualification and interest. You will get a list of institutes and courses based on your profile. Check your budget against the course fee to decide if you can afford it or not.
The app also informs if you are eligible for a scholarship or not. Likewise, check universities offering finical aid and merit-based scholarships.

  • Backed by the Australian Government

Authenticity is a major concern when it comes to studying abroad. Families are afraid to send their children abroad as they are worried about the frauds of the agents and other legal complications.
StudyWise app is a big relief for such parents and students. This app is approved by the Australian government, which eliminates all doubts and concerns regarding its credibility.
StudyWise is a Sydney-based startup registered in Australia. You can see the listing on the Government website to see office address contact details.

  • Free Application Processing

The application process is an important step to your study abroad journey. The absence of the required document can prolong your application approval. Many students don’t skip one or two documents considering them unnecessary or they don’t know how to write GTE. It results in the rejection of their application.
StudyWise has a team of study advisors who have hands-on experience in admissions. They also have worked directly with universities and institutes that fasten the study abroad process.

  • Study Visa Guidance by MARA Agents (H3)

The requirements for an Australian study visa and Canada are quite different. Similarly, the benefits of each visa type are also different. For instance, the Australian subclass (500) allows you to take your family member with you on the same visa. It also lets you do part-time work in Australia.
Study Visa interview is another important step to the study abroad journey. StudyWise has Registered Australian Migration Agents (MARA) who guide students on how about the study visa interview so that they can pass the interview in the first attempt.

StudyWise App: How to Use it

The app is available free of cost for everyone. You can download StudyWise app  from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The interface of the app is very simple and easy to understand. Create your profile by answering some simple questions and find your study options. See the details of the app courses and institutes so apply directly through the app.
There is also a customer support option. If you have any questions, then contact customer support and get free consultancy from expert study advisors.

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