How to Add After Pay to Shopify

How to add after-pay to Shopify | features of after pay

How to Add After Pay to Shopify?

Add After Pay to Shopify is simple, but it does require some basic knowledge of payment methods. The shopping carts and the Shopify platform.

If you’re struggling to find the correct information, we have got you covered. Our staff can help you add After Pay and other payment methods to your Shopify store so that you can process online payments safely and securely.

What is After Pay? In Which Countries using After Pay These Days.

Shopify Afterpay offers customers an interest-free payment option, with repayments automatically made from their debit or credit card. This gives buyers time to pay off orders without using a credit card or bank account upfront.

The service is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, and soon in some other countries in Europe and Asia.

How do customers use after-pay when shopping online? Well, it’s pretty simple. A customer goes to your website and decides what they want to buy.

They proceed with their purchase and choose After-Pay as their payment method. The checkout will then prompt them with a step-by-step process that involves providing personal details, including their mobile number and email address.

Part1: How To Attach After Pay With Shopify?

First of all, If you don’t have an after-pay account set up, then make sure of it.

Second; Before adding after-pay to Shopify.

The last step is choosing which shipping carrier (Australia Post or Star-Track) you would like to integrate with your e-Commerce platform. To choose, click on either Australia Post or Star-Track. Third, follow the given instructions if it’s your first time adding after Pay That’s it.

Part 2 – Adding the Payment Button Code

Adding payment buttons is an easy way to start After-pay as an Australian merchant. The button takes care of registering your business in our system. It can automatically be informing us who gets paid when and take care of all administration such as annual fees.

The account servicing and card supports are easy. All of your shop settings and paste our example code into your checkout. Hit save. That’s it! Your checkout will be ready to accept payments with After-pay today!

Part 3 – Updating the Checkout Pages

The how-to on integrating After-pay with your custom e-Commerce checkout. Not only will your customers be able to complete their purchase by card, but they will also be able to select After-pay as an option and make easy installments through their phones. This is what can happen with one line of code added to your checkout! Let’s take a look at how it works!

So if you’re interested in adding After-pay functionality to your checkout, then now it’s time to dive right into that. We’ll be covering all of it in more detail below but firstly, let’s take a look at some of the questions that often get asked about implementing our payment gateway.

Let’s look: So why does everything need to be dynamic from scratch? Why can’t I edit my checkout page templates directly or something like that? You’ll notice plenty of examples out there on how to do just that!

That’s what we did when we first launched support for Australian payments in 2016!

Why Should I Use After-Pay?

A merchant account gives you access to an online payment gateway that enables businesses like yours to accept online payments. These online payment gateways include PayPal, GoCardless, Stripe, and many more.

How Does After-pay work?

After-pay is an e-commerce payment model which allows shoppers to pay in four equal installments over two months. Your customers can choose their installment amounts and when they would like payments to be released.


We’re huge fans of After-pay here at APT, as we mentioned earlier. We believe it’s one of many services that makes online shopping more convenient for your customers and helps you increase sales.

Now that you know about After-pay and how simple it is to get started, we hope it works out well as an option on your store. Thanks for taking the time to read our guide—we wish you every success with your new checkout!

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