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how to unblock someone on Pinterest

How To Unblock Someone on Pinterest | latest guide of 2022

You may need to unblock somebody on Pinterest for a variety of reasons. It could be that you want to reconnect with an old friend or that you want to follow your favorite blogger again. Whatever the reason, it will be much easier for you if you know how to do it. This article will guide you on how to unblock someone on Pinterest with just a few steps if you have forgotten how.

What Does Blocking Do?

Blocking someone on Pinterest will not only prevent that person from seeing your boards but also prevents you from seeing theirs. You can block people on Pinterest by clicking the profile icon on their name, hovering over “friends,” and selecting “block.” You can also stop them by visiting their profile or following them.

How to Unblock someone on Pinterest

You can use these two ways to block some on Pinterest. One of them is pretty straightforward. You can go to their profile and click the button labeled “unblock” in the right-hand corner. The other way is by going to the Pinterest page, typing in their email address or username, then clicking “Unblock.” On clicking the ‘More’ button, you can unblock too. then selecting “Manage Blocking.”

Click here to find instructions for your Operating System.

There are different methods for unblocking different operating systems such as windows. Android and IOS. We have discussed each of them below. This page has instructions to help fix your wireless mouse, keyboard, or touchpad problems.

For Android

1 Run the Pinterest app on your device. 2 Open the account’s profile that you require to unblock. 3 After that, press the three-dot button. 4 Pick the Unblock tab option. 5 Hit Unblock to confirmation. 6 You will be able to delete the person from Pinterest Learn More How To Post Video On Pinterest

For Windows

1 To begin, go to Pinterest in your chrome. 2 Then, just on Pin of the person you desire to unblock, click it.
  1. Visit the person’s profile that you want to unblock.
4 Now select Unblock from the drop-down menu. 5 You’ve unblocked an account of a person with ease.

For ios

1 To begin, launch the Pinterest app. 2 You have to locate the profile you wish to unblock, tap the loupe symbol. 3 There, in the search function, type a name. 4 Choose the user’s profile that you want to unblock. 5 After that, press the three-dot button. 6 Hit Unblock to confirm. 7 You’ve unblocked a Pinterest person. 8 Remove the person from your follower list to unblock There is no unblocking someone on the Pinterest feature. If you want to unblock someone, you will need to remove them from your list of followers.

Wrapping up

Above, we have told you how to unblock someone on Pinterest. There are two methods for unblocking anyone on Pinterest that we mention. We have given you an in-depth guide about clearing someone on Pinterest via different operating systems such as windows, android, and mac. You should follow the guide above if you care to learn ways to unblock.

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