How To Follow Someone on Pinterest

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How To Follow Someone on Pinterest

Have you ever wanted to follow someone on Pinterest but had no idea how? You’re not alone. Pinterest is the most popular social media platform globally, with over 250 million users, and almost 50% of users have Pinterest accounts that they don’t actively use! It can be hard to find the right person, but it can be an extremely powerful tool that you should utilize once you do. Here are seven easy steps How To Follow Someone on Pinterest?

7 Easy Steps to Follow Anyone on Pinterest

Step 1: Open your Pinterest page

Open your Pinterest page, and you will see your profile picture right in front of you. To start following people, hover over Following and click it. This will give you a drop-down menu where you can see all of your followers. If there are no users listed under Following, simply hover over Home, then click Following. After that, select Refresh. There should be a list of users available for selection at that point.
Once you’re sure you want to follow someone, hover over their name. You’ll notice a little arrow icon beside their name. Click it and select Follow. For instance, I will follow Bitemegane,  Once you’ve selected Follow, your new friend will receive a notification from Pinterest.
The notification should ask them if they would like to follow you back. They must accept your request! If they don’t, nothing bad happens; however, following them won’t give you access to their boards. They need to accept your request so that both parties can enjoy each other’s pins! Repeat

Step 2: Go to Someone’s PINBOARD 

Go to someone’s Pinboard and hover over follow button, then click follow. Make sure you choose public boards if you want your pins to be seen by that person. You can also check out their profile.
Make sure you like their content too! This is a way of saying thank you for following them, and it will mean they are more likely to follow back. A key step in getting someone else to follow you! Now just sit back and wait for them to follow you back
If you have a personal account with no public boards, you will be looking for their email address.
Log into your Pinterest and click ‘settings’ in the top right corner. You should now see a drop-down menu.
From here, click ‘about’ and then scroll down until you see an ‘email me at’ section.
Type in their email address into that box! It is now officially safe to say that you are following them on Pinterest
If they have public boards, check out their profile page. On there, you should see a follow button. If not, you will need to go into their account and click ‘following’ in the top right corner and then type in your email address into that box!

Step 3: Visit someone’s profile

Once you’ve found a person you want to follow, visit their Pinterest profile by clicking on their username. From there, click Follow in blue at the top of their profile. Now that you are following someone, keep up with them by clicking Following under your profile. Here is where all of your followers appear to make sure you are keeping up with everyone!
If you want to follow someone already following you, find them in your followers and click Following underneath their username. From there, click Follow under their profile picture. It’s always polite to follow back.
We promise no one will get offended if you are a good follower (and even more likely, they’ll be happy that they can now see what you pin). To stop following someone, just click Unfollow next to their name in your Following section.
The first three steps are easy, but it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re following someone for a reason. Make sure their boards are interesting and relevant to your niche and that they post regularly.
It takes some time for your follows to appear in your Following section, so don’t worry if you haven’t seen their updates right away! You can follow people as quickly or as slowly as you like – just remember that there is no perfect way.

Step 4: Navigate to your profile 

You’ll see a search bar and the Other Pinners you follow section. To start following another user, type her name into the search bar and click Follow. If she is not following you back, Pinterest will prompt you with a pop-up message asking if you want to follow that person anyway.
When you follow someone, that person will be notified of your follow request. Her profile will appear in your Other Pinners You Follow
However, don’t be discouraged if she doesn’t follow you back; it may take some time for people to discover your board and decide whether they want to connect with you. You can always check which users follow you by navigating to your profile and clicking Following.
From there, click See All next to Following You. If a user has followed you but hasn’t also followed any of your boards, her name will not appear here unless it’s been a while since she last visited them or pinned anything new.

Step 5: Click on the Interesting profile

When you have found a Pin that looks interesting, click it. The next screen will ask if you follow that user’s boards. Step 6: Once you have followed a user, they will appear in your followers and the following tab under Who To Follow. Step 7: Now that you know how to follow someone, there are no excuses!

Step 6: Find all of your boards

Find all of your boards, and click follow next to each one. This will follow that person’s pins onto your boards as well. Once they follow you back, they’ll begin seeing your pins pop up in their feed when you repin something they’ve pinned in the past. (Check out some other tips for getting people to notice you on Pinterest here.)
You can see who follows you and unfollow them if you don’t want them to follow your boards by going into your Pinterest and then clicking people. Here is a chart of people I am following that are following me.

Step 7:  Follow Any Pinterest Board you Like | How To Follow Someone on Pinterest 

Go back into your list of boards and hover over any board you’d like to follow. Once it is highlighted, click on Follow This Board (see picture above). A box will appear that says Follow Pinterest Board via email.
Here, enter your email address and click Follow. You have just followed a pinboard from Pinterest!


If you’re trying to find out how to follow someone on Pinterest, there are several steps you need to take. First, you need a connected Facebook account. If you don’t have one yet, head over and create one by clicking here. Once that’s complete, look up your friend or celebrity of choice on Facebook and click following.

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