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[Easy Guide] Can You See Who Viewed Your Pinterest Profile?

You cannot see who has visited your Pinterest profile, so no. There is no feature on Pinterest that lets users see who has viewed their profile, and there are no outside tools or applications that can do so.

While the desire to check who has visited your Pinterest profile may be alluring, it’s crucial to keep in mind that Pinterest is a social media platform that values privacy. Due to this, users of the platform are unable to determine who has viewed their profile or what content they have viewed.

Utilize Pinterest’s built-in analytics tools to monitor the number of views, saves, and clicks on your content to determine how well it is performing. But there are many other questions that can be answered

Can I See who Repined My Pin?

On Pinterest, you can see who has repinned your pin, so the answer is yes. One of your pins that someone repins will show up in their profile and in the feeds of their followers. By performing the following actions, you can see who has repinned your pin:

1. Go to your profile after logging into your Pinterest account.

2. For a complete list of your pins, select the “Pins” tab.

3. To see who has repinned a particular pin, locate it and click on it.

4. Scroll down to the “Repins” section on the pin page. You will see a list of users who have repinned your pin by doing this.

5. Click “See all” to view a list of all users who have repinned your pin. A new page will open with a detailed list of all users who have repinned your pin.

Second Method

There is a feature on Pinterest to trace engagement on your original Pin. For this,  you must have a business account on Pinterest and your website must be verified on Pinterest. Pinterest Analytics shows the engagement of your Pinterest Profile.

The following are the steps:
1. Log in to your business account on Pinterest.
2. Click your profile image within the higher right corner of the screen.
3. On the ensuing page, click the Created tab underneath your profile name.
4. choose a Pin to look at the stats for everyone.
5. Click the See a lot of stats link to reveal careful information.

There is  an Old methodology that’s still applicable i.e.:
1. Log in to your business account on Pinterest.
2. Click the hand glass icon on the higher right to reveal the Pinterest search bar.
3. Enter this line within the search box. merely replace yourdomain.com with the claimed website. https://www.pinterest.com/source/yourdomain.com/
4. Press Enter on your keyboard to indicate the results.

Which type of data you’ll get through Pinterest Analytics?

If you would like to watch audience statistics, you’ll read the individual Pin stats and find the following:
1. Who repined your Pins
2. once they were repined
3. Competitors profile he/she follows
4. classes and interests they follow
Once you’ve claimed your website, you’ll get stats concerning your page. From this information, you can easily understand what’s going on your business page.
You will be able to see the subsequent data:
1. Age
2. Gender
3. Location
4. The device wont to access Pinterest

To see these stats, follow these steps on an online browse such as chrome:
1. Log in to your business account on Pinterest.
2. On the Pinterest dashboard, click on Analytics.
3. From the dropdown menu, choose Audience Insights.


There is no choice at this time in the Pinterest app to ascertain whether you viewed your Pinterest profile. You can use Pinterest Analytics to urge info concerning your audience. Perhaps within the future exploitation of Artificial Intelligence Pinterest may modify this feature.


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