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Electro Shopify theme: Transform your store into a sales powerhouse

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Do you need the ideal Shopify theme for your online store selling electronics? The Electro theme is the only thing you need! The Electro theme is the best option for e-commerce success thanks to its sleek and contemporary design, simple customization features, and search engine optimization. The Electro theme is the ideal option whether you’re just getting started with e-commerce or looking to improve your current store. Why then wait? With the Electro Shopify theme, you can start enhancing your store’s performance and taking it to new heights right away.

Electro Shopify theme

How to Setup Electro Shopify theme

It is simple and only needs a few steps to set up the Electro theme on your Shopify store. Here is a detailed explanation of how to do it:

1. To begin, sign into your Shopify account and select “Themes” from the menu on the left.

2. Click the “Add theme” button under the “Themes” heading.

3. There is a list of available themes in the “Add theme” window. Once you’ve located the Electro theme, scroll down and select it by clicking the “Add” button.

4. You’ll find the theme listed in the “Themes” section once it has been added to your store. To start customising the theme, click the “Customize” button next to it.

5. A preview of your store and a list of customization options can be found on the left side of the theme editor. You can modify the colour scheme, add your own logo, and upload product images and descriptions using these options.

6. You can see a live preview of your store’s appearance as you make changes in the theme editor. To apply your changes to your store after you’re satisfied with them, click “Save.”

7. You can keep using the theme editor to modify your store as much as you like. To make your store live after finishing, click the “Publish” button.

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Pros of Electro Shopify Theme

A strong and feature-rich theme that is ideal for electronic stores is Shopify’s Electro theme. Here are some of its main characteristics:

Shopify Version

The most recent version of the well-known e-commerce platform, Shopify 2.0, was used to create the Electro theme. This guarantees that it is quick, dependable, and simple to use.

Lazyloading and adaptive images:

The Electro theme makes use of lazyloading and adaptive images to make sure that your store loads quickly and effectively—even on slower internet connections.

Mega Menu

The Electro theme has the best built-in mega menu of any theme, making it simple to navigate your store and find the products you’re looking for.

Customizable Header:

The Electro theme includes a header that is easily editable so you can add your own logo and alter the colour scheme to better represent your company.


A Shopify section is present on every page of the Electro theme, making it simple to add products, collections, and other content to your store.

Best Swatches for Shopify variations Built-in:

The best Shopify variation swatches are included with the Electro theme, making it simple to display different product variations like size and color.

Multi-language Support

The Electro theme supports multiple languages, making it simple to expand your business internationally and reach a larger audience.

App Integration

Easily manage your store and keep track of sales while on the go thanks to the Shopify app’s integration with the Electro theme.

Lighter Theme:

The Electro theme is a quick-loading, lightweight theme that will maximize the performance of your store.

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Cons  of Electro Theme

Before deciding to use the Electro theme for your online store, you should be aware of its own set of Cons, just like any other Shopify theme. The following are some possible drawbacks of the Electro theme:

Limited Customization

There aren’t as many customization options available for the Electro theme as there are for some other Shopify themes, despite the fact that it does offer some customization options. Consider a theme with more complex customization options if you want more control over the appearance and feel of your store.

Lack of support for older browsers

The Electro theme may not function as well on older web browsers because it is optimised for newer ones. Users who use outdated browsers or devices may run into issues because of this.

Requires a Shopify account

Use of the Electro theme requires a Shopify account, which you must have in order to use it. Despite being a well-known and dependable platform, Shopify charges a monthly subscription fee.

Limited third-party app support:

The Electro theme might not be compatible with all third-party apps, which can restrict your store’s functionality.

Not necessarily appropriate for all types of stores:

The Electro theme was created especially for electronic retailers, so it might not work for other kinds of shops.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Electro theme customizable?

Yes, there are some customization options available for the Electro theme, including the ability to modify the colour scheme and add your own logo. It cannot be customised as much as some other Shopify themes, though.

Is the Electro theme responsive?

The Electro theme will look fantastic on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, and is fully responsive.

Is the Electro theme search engine-optimized?

The Electro theme will help your store rank higher in search results because it is optimised for search engines.

Is it simple to use the Electro theme?

Yes, the Electro theme has a user-friendly interface, a sleek and contemporary design, and easy customization options.

Are third-party apps compatible with the Electro theme?

Some third-party apps are compatible with the Electro theme, but not all of them might be. To make sure that the app is compatible with the Electro theme, it is always a good idea to check with the app developer.

What is the Price and who Developed Electro Theme?

The 9W Technologies Private Limited, an Indian business, created and sells the premium Shopify theme called Electro. It costs of $89, the theme can be purchased from the Theme forest store.

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In conclusion, the popular and feature-rich Electro Shopify theme is a good choice for electronic stores. Its software version (Shopify 2.0), adaptive images with lazyloading, and customizable headers are a few of its standout features. The Electro theme can be set up quickly and easily, but a Shopify account is necessary. There are some drawbacks to take into account, though, including the compatibility with older browsers and the lack of many customization options. Additionally, there are frequent inquiries about the Electro theme, such as its usability and compatibility with outside apps. Overall, the Electro theme is a good option for electronic stores, but before choosing it, you should carefully weigh its advantages, disadvantages, and frequently asked questions.


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